Just like your normal fishing buddy but my fishing stories aren't exaggerated.

hey, I'm kyle 

Fishing isn't just something I do...  It's who I am, it's my passion. 

If I'm not with my family, you can find me spending every moment I can on the water either fishing competitively in tournaments or searching for that next trophy bass hot spot. 

I've spent thousands of hours on the water, putting in the time to truly understand not only our Northwoods bass, but also our Northwoods lakes and rivers so that I can bring that expertise to you - ensuring a successful trip. 

If you're looking for a true down to Earth family man who has an insatiable passion for giving you the ultimate bass fishing experience, I'd love to get you out on the water. 


Sharing my passion for fishing with others is fulfilling in ways i simply can't put into words

A husband. A Father. An outdoor enthusiast

The Northwoods of Wisconsin is one of the most beautiful areas in North Central US and I have been truly blessed to live here my whole life. Living amongst the lakes and trees, it is truly an outdoor enthusiasts playground. 

Lucky enough to marry my high school sweetheart and become a father to our two amazing children, I couldn't imagine a better place to build a life and raise our children than in the very place where my wife and I grew up. Passing along the love for the outdoors is one of the greatest gifts I hope to give to both my son and my daughter. 

When I'm not fishing, you will find my family and I enjoying as much of the outdoors as we can. We especially love our trips to our house in North Dakota for waterfowl hunting.